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Terms of Service
When you become a member of the ( website, you have read, clearly understood and agreed to accept all of the terms of the service. In addition, when you use the specific services of MEDOTA's official website, it may be based on the nature of that particular service and it is subject to the terms of service or related provisions otherwise announced by MEDOTA's official website. If you are under twenty years of age, you must use your service to read, understand, and agree to all of the terms of service of your parent (or guardian). When you use or continue to use the Service, you are presuming that your parent (or guardian) has read, understood and agrees to accept all of the Terms of Service and any subsequent changes.
The website does not have to bear any responsibility in the following circumstances:
  1. The risk of MEDOTA official website service will be borne by you personally. Members agree to use MEDOTA official website services based on the personal wishes of the members and agree to pay any risks, including downloading materials or pictures from MEDOTA official website or services from MEDOTA official website. The information obtained in the results in any loss of resources and other results.
  2. Members' personal information, personal data, upload pictures, etc., entered on MEDOTA's official website are purely members' personal behavior. MEDOTA's official website is not responsible for the authenticity or completeness of its contents.
  3. Any damage, loss, misappropriation or falsification of data due to the intrusion or attack of computer viruses, temporary closure due to government control, etc. that affect the normal operation of the network has nothing to do with MEDOTA's official website.
  4. MEDOTA does not warrant any express or implied warranties with regard to the various services. MEDOTA's official website does not guarantee the stability, security, error-free and non-disruptiveness of each service; the member expressly undertakes any damage that may be Caused by using all risks of MEDOTA official website service.
  5. Maintain and update your personal membership information to ensure it is correct, up to date and complete. If you provide any wrong, false or incomplete information, MEDOTA reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use all or or Part of this service.
  6. For members who publish or publish false, illegal information, infringement of rights of others, fraudulent and blackmail activities through MEDOTA's official website, it is a purely personal behavior of the member. All disputes arising from the official website of MEDOTA shall not Be held responsible. It is hereby declared!