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Common problem
How to handle the watch soaking
If the watch is immersed in water, use a few layers of toilet paper or a velvet cloth that absorbs moisture to tightly wrap the watch, place it about 15 cm near the 40 watt bulb, and bake it for about 30 minutes. The water vapor in the watch can be eliminated. Do not expose the watch directly to high temperatures to prevent the watch from being damaged by heat.
Those use conditions make it easy to soak the watch
Use strong water jets, strong water pressure, and other high water pressure to directly hit the watch. If water is attached to the watch, do not turn the crown.
Is luminous paint harmful?
Luminous paint on the watch dial and hands can help you read the time in a dimly lit environment. This kind of luminous paint is completely free of harmful substances such as radioactive substances, and is a safe luminous paint for the human body or the environment.
Allergies to metals, leather straps, rubber straps?
  • Please loosen the strap to increase ventilation.
  • Since the physical condition and health condition vary from person to person, the skin allergies may also be different.
  • If the watch itself has rust, dirt, or sweat, it can cause itching or allergies.
  • If the user is allergic to skin or other specific constitution, wearing this watch may cause skin allergies or rashes. When you feel unwell, stop wearing this watch immediately and seek medical advice as soon as possible.