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Warranty scope
MEDOTA provides a "Product Warranty Statement" to provide product warranty services for customers purchasing MEDOTA products from legitimate licenses purchased by MEDOTA or authorized agent dealers. MEDOTA provides global repair warranty service.
The warranty period for MEDOTA's products is calculated from the date of purchase. Consumers must present proof of purchase (such as invoices, order number, and warranty card) on the original purchase date to obtain warranty service.
  • Watches, which are subject to normal environmental conditions, are subject to failure due to defects in the original materials and processing, and are not functioning properly. The warranty period is two years.
  • Other accessory products (such as watch boxes, etc.) provide consumers with the right to appreciate the seven days from the next day in accordance with the consumer protection law; during the seven-day appreciation period, the product packaging is tested, except for the product itself. , Other reasons (cutting strap, drill hole strap) are unable to provide return service.
During the warranty period, the watch and watch accessories will undergo a natural damage that is not in the “Disclaimer” and MEDOTA Midori will provide free “Maintenance Service”. Any repaired product will still be the original product purchased. At the time of the warranty period, it will not be extended. For the maintenance of the watch, provide a one-month maintenance warranty on the same problem point. “Maintenance service” refers to the one-to-one replacement of the parts in the failed watch to restore the normal operation of the watch; The faulty parts, whose assets belong to MEDOTA Midori; the watch itself consumable parts and items, such as: strap, crown, bottom cover, case, are not included in the scope of this warranty, this part provides out of the box Non-human six-month functional warranty.
Repair service during the warranty period
The warranty period is two years from the purchase. According to the instruction manual, under normal use, if there is a fault, the company will repair it for free. When repairing, please bring the watch and the guarantee to the dealer who purchased it or the after-sales service center of the company.
When the serial number on the watch case is improperly changed, the watch will not be entitled to warranty rights. Unauthorized removal or alteration of the identification of the part in the serial number of the watch does not qualify for the warranty. When the watch appears the following situations, the watch will not be able to enjoy the warranty rights of MEDOTA Midori.
  • After MEDOTA judges, the watch is damaged due to improper use, negligence of operation, improper installation and maintenance, disassembly, repair, unauthorized modification of the product structure or strap by a non-MEDOTA authorized personnel. Use parts or devices not supplied by the original MEDOTA.
  • Incorrect delivery. (For example: Wrap the watch with improper packaging materials and packaging methods; drop and collide when delivered.)
  • Machine damage caused by natural disasters or humans, such as: typhoon, fire, flood, lightning, etc. Non-watch damage.
  • Accidental damage to the watch. (For example: liquid splashes, chemical substances, improper air conditioning in high temperature environments, voltage transients, poor power supply, etc.)
  • Natural damage and damage caused by third party personnel, or repair.
For products that have exceeded the warranty period or do not cover the warranty terms, MEDOTA may decide whether to repair or replace the components after reviewing the product, and will charge relevant fees for various repair and replacement parts services. Return freight and maintenance costs must be borne by the customer.
During the warranty period, MEDOTA infringes, consequential, punitive, special or consequential damages or losses arising from the use of the product by the purchaser, including but not limited to interruption of business, loss of use and benefit, loss of goodwill, loss of money, information, Neither the loss of information nor the use of the product or its performance in connection with this warranty statement nor the performance of the product shall be liable for any damages.
Repair Service Guarantee
  • Buy, Warranty, Repair, and Service Statement
    Consumers who purchase MEDOTA watches can contact the company for any maintenance problems. The company will have special personnel for service and maintenance.
  • Complete after-sales and repair services
    Global after-sale warranty with customer service , Computer operations strict maintenance process supervision, adhere to the original parts warranty commitment.
Delivery considerations
  • Scrutinize the appearance of the product before delivery and confirm with the service personnel.
  • Import the related items that have failed, together with the original guarantee card, and deliver the service personnel.
Received a natural damaged or wrong product
If you receive natural damage or wrong product, please direct mail or call customer service to help handle.
Maintenance customer service
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