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Return and repair service
Return Policy
We pay great attention to your satisfaction with the merchandise, so MEDOTA provides a seven-day appreciation period (except the watchband and Outlet merchandise).
  • Return goods Please keep the original packaging of the goods and no use and proof of purchase/invoice, and fill in the application form to fill in the package.
  • In the case of replacement, the principle of replacement of goods for replacement of the same paragraph or other style and price equal to or greater than the price of goods; if the replacement of the amount of goods is greater than the original goods, must make up the difference; if it is lower than the original amount of goods, no refund It will serve as a return service. The change of commodity freight must be borne by consumers themselves.
  • When purchasing a combination product, and you want to retain one of the combined products when you return the product, you need to make up the difference at the original price. If you purchase a gift, you must also return it when you return it.
  • If it is necessary to repair the merchandise for the delivery of the wrong merchandise, the merchandise itself or the non-human factors during the warranty period, the postage will be borne by MEDOTA, and the rest will be borne by the consumers themselves.
Information to be returned
  1. Please be sure to fill in the return slip in the return package
  2. Refund remittance accounts need to be opened with the account name of the purchaser. (If you are a member who pays for credit card, please provide an account with the name of the purchaser)
  3. Current invoices
  4. Returned goods must be completely unused, kept brand new, and sold again.
  5. If there are gifts included in the current purchase, please send it back together with the product
    ※Gifts must be intact, unopened, and kept brand new and re-gifted.
Refund policy
  • Using credit card payment, we refund the money by way of refund; the confirmation can be returned to our bank after the confirmation is confirmed
  • Using the supermarket code payment, we will use the remittance method to refund.
  • Using Super Merchant Pickup Payment, We Will Remit Money Using Remittance
    ※The refund account must be the same as the account opened by the orderer or credit card user.
7-day appreciation period
According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers are entitled to a seven-day period of hedging from the receipt of goods; “Hesitation Period” is not a “trial period” and the returned business needs to be unused and complete packaging, accessories and invoices.
Replacement instructions
There is no free exchange service in Outer Islands. If you need to change the product, please return the original order before returning the order.
Return customer service
Tel : +886 4 23263225
E-mail :
Service hour : Mon.-Fri. 9:00-18:00

If you need more help, please use the Customer Service Center